3 Data Architecture Needs for the Consumer Packaged-Goods Industry

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Orion CEO Yacov Wrocherinsky recently discussed the unique data challenges of CPG organizations with John Joseph, vice president of marketing at Orion partner Scribe Software, for an article appearing in Upside.

In the article, "3 Data Architecture Needs for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry," Yacov outlines the CPG industry's top data architecture development requirements: data access, speed and two-way data sharing. To illustrate his points, Yacov shares details of how Orion worked with a renowned regional bakery to connect its CRM, ERP and Salesforce applications and push the combined data streams to field sales representatives' mobile devices. 

In summary, the article reports that digital transformation in the CPG industry is about finding new ways to instantly spread actionable information across team members in field sales, call centers, product management, finance, and manufacturing and operations, which makes a significant positive impact on long-term customer retention and loyalty, as well as the bottom line. According to Salesforce, industrywide the impact equates to a reported 45% increase in sales pipelines, 44% increase in sales productivity and 37% increase in sales revenue.